Vagaboom – Vloggers

Nancy & Demis are a couple from Mexico who needed help putting together a small website that will allow them to document their travels in the form of video series.

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  • Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Demis and Nancy are a Swiss/Mexican couple who have been making a series on video blogs over a 12 month period that are now looking to increase their exposure and awareness of the brands that they were trying to build a larger community.  They got in contact with us (via Terry who is currently residing in Mexico) with help regarding a structured and defined plan.

We sat down and talked about wireframes for their site, marketing plans for which is that they could generate an income, and about branding themselves across all social media platforms.

They were both conscious about running in maintaining their own website, so we included training and tuition on the best way to market themselves in their video blogs, and also about getting the best use out of their website so that their content is increasing readership and converting casual readers two dedicated followers.