The Spark Hunter – Blog/Online Journal

Terry O’Connor wanted a blog that would document his journey from e-commerce marketing manager to online freelance digital consultant whilst traveling the world.

  • Style Guide based on current industry leaders
  • Guidance about best social media practises
  • Ongoing optimization work

The approach to this project was a little different than normal because the client already had a well-defined idea about what they were trying to achieve. This was a rather small project in terms of design but allowed us a lot of scopes to plan out a well-defined marketing plan that would attract new readers to the website and increased engagement in social media.

We are working with this client not only with the project of this website but also their own online marketing plans about generating income whilst travelling the world.

Also, we looked at their current business practices and hope to streamline and tighten how they approach their own client projects so that they were able to make the best use of their limited time to achieve the maximum results.

We are continuing to work with this client on an ongoing basis in areas of social media engagement and advertising and online tweaking of their blog website.