Online Web Assistant (OWA) – Virtual Assistance

OWA offer a virtual assistance and website maintenance business, managing clients websites whilst allowing the client to grow their business without having to worry about running an online business.

  • Website Redesign
  • Rebranding
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Model Restructure

a long-standing client of ours came to us in October 2013, wanting us to help set up a new and revitalised website and business branding and to also help with the definitions and structures on their online business. In the competitive world on virtual assistance and online website management, it was important to give the business some focus and structure, to cut away any dead or outdated ways of thinking, Legacy products and services and peripheral features that try and accommodate everybody. We set about redesigning the logo that was cleaner and simpler and could be used as a stronger the definition of branding that represented the company. We created a website based around the colours and continuing the theme of clean simple and spaciousness that the company wanted to epitomise. Sticking the website are only two or three colours and minimal pastels tones help to provide a clinical yet professional feel where is the company were delighted. We went over there current business model, looking at where the business was strong in terms of popularity and the revenue-generating models. All the business practices that no longer served their clients, were either be packaged are redefined or omitted from the new business models. Going forwards, the company has expanded, has a regular monthly income, and the strong business model from which they can grow their business successfully. Another company that we work with on an ongoing basis, providing content, help with social media marketing, and regular annual site audits to make sure that the online side of the businesses working effectively.

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