Christine Livingston – Author

Christine Livingston as a professional writer’s coach and aspiring author who asked us to help with the vision and direction of her online presence via social media and to streamline and simplify the design of her current website.

  • Website redesign
  • Branding across social media platforms
  • 3-month marketing plan
  • Increase subscribers list

The client approached us with a view to simplifying the principal website. With a history of coaching other people in the art of writing, the client wanted to focus more on their own writing, which would serve as a reference points for guest post articles en highly sought-after websites like the Huffington Post.

With a view to meeting the writers content the main focus, a lot of the extra features was stripped back and the design of the site what to have people engaged in the writers blog post articles as well as increasing subscriptions and expanding the mailing list.

Once the client was delighted with the outcome of their website, redesign refocused on the three-month marketing plan which would be reviewed in the following three months. This plan would service the platform for increasing readership of the website, and yet exposing the client to a larger audience by the mediums of modern social media, like Facebook and twitter. Respective marketing ideas were drafted and proposed, and finally accepted. These marketing plans were tailored for the success of the website, to meet the client’s basic requirements, but yet would serve the end user equally.