Clare Lyon – Copywriter

Clare Lyon is a copywriter based in North London. We were hired to design and build her first website. A great client and a great project to work on.

  • Logo Design
  • Branding for promotional material
  • Fully functional website
  • Online Training

We were contacted by a copywriter based in North London who was beginning a new venture in their life regarding extracurricular freelance work on the side of an already established business. Every so often, people get clients with whom have no predefined agenda, no initial wants or needs and are open to all suggestions and artistic direction.

This was one of those clients.

From the outset, we provided a wireframe structure, and some initial draft content, from which they could visualise how the content worked in the confines of the page, and this intern allow them to draft content is suitable for their page and to say exactly what they wanted.

Based off one photograph that we had, we chose the design and colour scheme of the website from this picture. Thankfully, the client we’re delighted with our choice.

We also constructed a simple but small logo for the website, they can be used on the client’s peripheral branding material.

We are now working with the client on an ongoing basis to improve their visibility, both off-line and online.