Angelicare – Home Care Recruitment

Angelicare Recruitment is a recruitment agency who provide live-in carers to that bill and elderly.  The carers Live with the clients on a rotating biweekly basis.

  • Website redesign
  • Full site content creation
  • Regular blog postings
  • On-site and offsite SEO
  • Social media marketing plan

We had previously worked with this client regarding I designed that they had chosen and with on-site SEO optimisation.  Unfortunately the initial results have been as successful as both parties had hoped, so we were rehired to look at what we thought had gone wrong and where the real improvements could be made.

A complete redesign was done of the site without having full Control of artistic direction, content writing an on-site SEO. The feedback from both clients and carers has been extremely positive. And we are now continuing to work with this plan on a daily basis with regards to content writing, quarterly reassessments of the objective goal successes in the form of site audits and offsite SEO campaign such as link building.

A thumbnail of the old site on the right-hand side what a legacy designer had been carried over when we had the project initially.  We moved onto a cleaner and more modern approach would allow the users to find their information easily/