Hi I’m Terry from Farnborough and I make websites that aren’t crap

I’m also bald, dabble in sculpting and charge fair prices.

We’ll get on great.

Yes, I am aware that this image could be considered offensive.

Why do you need a decent website?

Everyone is online now, even my granny. If your customers can’t find you online OR your existing website looks dated, you’ll become known as that company with a terrible website and people will be like

“every time I look at the website, it makes my eyes burn”

Even if you aren’t selling online, it’s still a good idea to provide directions, opening hours and details of how to get in touch. Customers need that.

I mean, you do want customers, right?

How much does a website cost?

It all depends on what you want.

So for a “rough” idea, look at my list to the right using your eyes (it’s below if you are on mobile). The good news is that I’m not greedy, I can negotiate and will try to help even if your budget is limited. I’m also bald, so my savings on shampoo and haircuts gets passed back down to loyal customers like you.

All you are paying for is my time, knowledge and effort. That means I’ll always be better value for money than ‘Super Awesome Web Agency’ who will also charge you for lighting their office and filling their coffee machine. Now you know why they always look so happy in all those smiling photos on their website.

Basic website

Basic website = From £350 upwards

Interactive website

Interactive website (where you can log in and make changes) = From £620 upwards

E-commerce website

A website where you can sell things online = £1000+ upwards (Depends on no. of products etc)

Fancy Pants Website

This website will feed you grapes and do your laundry – you’ll want to marry it = From £2600 upwards

Am I any good?

I make great websites and keep happy customers to fund my travels around the world. If I wasn’t any good, I would still be living in Farnborough, Hampshire crying into my sombrero. My last satisfied customer said something along the lines of:

“Terry created a great website for my business and seeing his bald head over Skype reminded of the 1993 hit comedy movie, Coneheads”.

Want to see some examples of my work? These are some websites that have worked on. Simply wiggle your mouse cursor or poke your finger over the examples below:

I hide all the websites on another page. I have done more than four sites. Honest. You want to see them?

What about logos and fancy graphics Terry?

Good news, I am also an illustrator and graphic designer (my Mum is very proud), so I can help improve your existing graphics or create something entirely new for you. Feel free to have a perve at some of my previous artwork and designs in the box over there. Aren’t they pretty!

What about all the technical stuff like domains, hosting and blah blah blah?

Luckily for you, I’m pretty geeky (I can understand Star Trek) so I will handle all of that wizardry to prevent you from breaking the internet. I can advise you on the price of your domain registration(s) and web hosting and have all the answers on those things. If you already have an existing domain or web hosting, then you already win.

As for the blah blah blah, as long as you have a thingamabob or a hoojamaflip, your blah blah blah will work perfectly with your whatchamacallit.

How do we get started?

It all starts with a hello and chat about what you are looking for via the contact form below. We can also talk over e-mail or Skype. Sorry, I don’t list my phone number, I got sick of the phone calls at 3 am asking me to add Santa hats to logos because “it’s almost Christmas”.

Once we’ve decided on everything, I charge half of the agreed fee to begin work and charge the rest on completion. This includes two free rounds of amends where we can make basic changes. This doesn’t include adding animated stars over a black background – that cost £5000 per star.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch before I change my mind!

Get in touch now (don’t let your dreams be dreams)

Simply fill in the form or contact me on social media. Your personal details are safe, but I do reserve the right to send you memes and pictures of my meals.

15 + 6 =